Test Campaign

The Slumbering Dragonborn

Our heroes awake in a makeshift dwelling in the ruins of an ancient town to find their friend Torrin still sleeping in what appears to be a golden shower ;) of light. Confused, Drogo breaks off the limb of one of the fallen twig blights from the previous day’s battle, attempting to waken Torrin with a swift swat of the switch. To his surprise, the blow, unable to penetrate the shroud of light, bounces off of the sleeping lizard, leaving no effect. “I think he’ll be fine, why don’t we head out and explore the town while we wait for whatever this bullshit is to expire?”

And with that, our heroes ventured out into the ruined town to explore. Not too long into their walkabout, a direwolf approaches the group. Acting quickly, Nicolas leaps into action, casting Tasha’s hideous laughter on the beast. Unfortunately for Nicolas, direwolves are not intellectual enough to be affected by this spell, and as such, the direwolf completely ignores Nicolas’ attempts. Making up for Nicolas’ ignorance, Aser and Drogo rush to their friend’s aid, and quickly down the creature. During the final blow of combat, the wolf lets out a yelp and falls to the ground.

Drogo, inquisitive about the possibility of using the fallen beast’s hide for rogue trickery, begins skinning the animal clumsily, spilling blood everywhere, and covering himself from head to toe with the creatures stench. Immediately upon successfully skinning the wolf, our heroes are surrounded by three of the wolf’s pack. Exposed to direct sunlight, Aser calls out to his companions to retreat into the dark building that had housed the ash zombies from the day before. Nicolas and Aser quickly disengage to safety, but Drogo, being out of position, is unable to join his friends in hiding. At that moment, Drogo lets out a blinding light, rendering the nearest wolf unable to see. Obscured from vision, Drogo hides behind the blinded wolf, and removes himself from immediate peril.

After what seems like an eternity, encountering many missteps and overcoming several close calls, our heroes are victorious in their combat with the small pack of wolves, and take the wolves’ corpses as their prize. Having been badly injured, our heroes retreat to the site where they left their dragon friend to rest. Getting some well needed rest, our heroes manage to skin, tan, and cook the slain wolves, and prepare for the next day’s adventure.

How Did We Get Here?

Our heroes, upon reaching the top of the tower, stealthily make their way into the room to get a better lay of the land. Drogo is the first one to make his way in, and sees what appears to be Morty placed upon a sacrificial alter. In front of the alter, Jenna, the blacksmith’s daughter, is chanting a spell on Morty while two goblins stand one on each side of her, all with their backs to the staircase our heroes made their way up from. Drogo attempts to sneak up behind the girl to snatch her up with the intention of saving her. Upon reaching out to grab her, he runs into an invisible force field that knocks him back slightly. The rest of the heroes engage the two goblins in the room, and slay them with ease. After the goblins have been dealt with, Jenna turns around, and with a menacing grimace, reveals herself to be the Elowen, the witch. Placing her cloak over Morty, the two of them vanish in a puff of smoke. Our heroes, left in an unventilated smoke filled tower, are rendered unconscious. When they come to, they find themselves in a ruined building, not sure of how they got there.

After close inspection, our heroes find themselves unharmed in a hobbled home, which time has long forgotten. They make their way outside to find what appear to be strange shrubs leading down a cobbled road to a ruined town. Aser leads the way, walking down the path past the odd shrubs. As he is walking, the foliage jumps up, revealing itself to be two twig blights. Aser, not even remotely interested in engaging the bush like beings, lets out a menacing bellow, scaring the creatures off.

As Aser leads our heroes through the ruined town, Torrin decides to venture off on his own to a shambled building to the north west of the where the party awoke. He opens a disheveled door to reveal four ash zombies. Upon noticing that Torrin is missing, Nicolas alerts the rest of the party to their friends disappearance, just as a guttural roar can be heard to their west. Racing to their comrades aid, our heroes find their dragonborn friend paralyzed in the doorway. Thinking quickly, Aser and Drogo stealth into the room to encounter the four zombies. Upon triggering the ash zombies special ash abilities, both Drogo and Aser disengage and make their way out of the room, forcing the zombies to funnel through the front door after them. At this point, Torrin, regaining his composure, lets out his mighty dragonborn fire breathe to deal lethal fire damage to the zombie foes. Seeing that one of the zombies survived the breath, Drogo leaps into action, displaying great agility and dexterity to parkour between the dragonborn and the doorway to finally corkscrew flip onto the shoulders of Torrin. Upon sticking this masterful acrobatic feat, Drogo bends down slightly to add a flourish to his maneuver, ever so slightly t bagging Torrin’s scaly forehead. With that, Drogo took a final lunge towards the last remaining zombie, and executed it post haste.

As one might imagine, Torrin was not pleased with the halfling’s actions. As soon as the last zombie was felled, Torrin grabbed Drogo by the ankle, removed him from his shoulders spinning him upside down, and promptly flicked Drogo’s right testicle. Drogo, in serious pain at this point, fell to the ground in a fetal position, and began to uncontrollably gasp for air. Unable to move, Drogo remained immobile for the following 45 minutes. Soon after this display, Aser, Torrin, and Nicolas made their way to the next building to further investigate the town they now occupied. Still out of commission, Drogo lay in pain licking his wounds in attempts to regain his composure.

On entering the next building, the three unencumbered heroes quickly identified four additional twig blights. Drogo, still unable to move, remained on the floor. Several minutes into the combat after having engaged the blights, Drogo noticed two very familiar twig blights rushing towards his friends. Having had substantial time to recover from Torrin’s testicular blow, Drogo leapt into action to land a surprise attack on the slower twig blight, immediately destroying it. Meeting up with his party, Drogo and our heroes made quick work of the remaining twigs, and managed to make camp in the house in preparation of the next day’s adventures.

To The Witches Tower

Upon talking with Jago the blacksmith, our heroes learn that his wife, Elowen the witch, has likely sought refuge in a tower located in the center of town. Drogo Took asserts that there have been other rogues in the immediate nearby area, but is unsuccessful in making contact with any of them. Our heroes decide to make their way into the tower, disarming an arcane trap before entering. The tower is a three story tower, and on the first floor, our heroes encounter two goblins, which they easily dispatch with. Making their way to the second floor, our heroes engage in combat with two zombies and make quick work of them. Upon reaching the third and final level of the tower, our heroes are only able to make out the feet of what appear to be biped creatures.

A monk, a bard, a rogue, and a paladin walk into a bar…

A rag tag bunch consisting of a dark elf named Aser Duhm, a half elf named Nicolas Solaereth, and a rambunctious halfling named Drogo Took are seated around a table in a packed tavern in the center of Phandalin, awaiting service from the bar keep. The door to the tavern swings open wide to reveal a war torn dragonborn, disheveled and looking in some serious need of rest. The dragonborn wanders over to the only seat available in the tavern and sits down, introducing himself as Torrin of the Mystan Clan. During their meal, the group learns that the emperor has a festival upcoming that appears to require the entire town’s attention. Everyone appears to be nervous to say anything negative about the emperor.

Just as our friends are finishing up their meal, a sooty figure enters the pub, announcing himself to be Jago Fer, the town’s blacksmith. Jago’s daughter, Jenna is missing, and Jago thinks she has been taken by goblins from beyond the dark forest. After promises of payment, our travelers decide to venture out to find Jenna. Upon traveling throughout the night, our band stumbles upon a clearing that leads to a tomb. Sensing that this may be the hideout for the goblins they seek, the band looks for signs of enemies before entering the tomb. On closer inspection, Nicolas’ elf eyes see in the distance two goblins patrolling the entrance. Relaying this information to his companions, the group lays into the guards, swiftly defeating them and entering the cave.



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